Beautiful and Healthy Legs Tips

  1. Put More Swing in Your Step (Healthy Legs Tips)Crank up the music and get moving! Pick activities such as dancing, bicycling, walking or jogging to help to strengthen leg muscles and improve blood circulation throughout your body.
  2. Yoga tretching promotes proper blood circulation – beneficial as the movements of the leg muscles help push the blood upward towards your heart.
  3. Multi-tasking Tip: Find a walking buddy and catch up on the latest chisme while toning your legs.
  4. Before beginning an exercise program, check with your doctor, especially if you have health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, or breathing difficulties.
  5. Mix it Up Standing and sitting for long periods of time puts stress on your veins; mix up your posture to give yourself a break every 30 minutes.
  6. If you know you’re going to stand or sit for an extended period of time, try the following: Bounce up and down on the tips of your toes several times an hour While standing, shift your weight from one leg to another as often as possible
  7. Multi-tasking Tip: Turn off your mobile, pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, and put your feet up when sitting at home. Grab a manicure set and/or a spa face mask for a full at-home pampering. When it is time for your beauty rest, put a pillow under your feet when you are in bed to help your veins do their work as you slumber.
  8. The Royal Treatment Keep your legs elevated when you sit or lie down. When your legs are raised to at least the level of your heart, the veins in your legs have an easier time moving blood throughout your body.
  9. Knowledge is PowerPamper yourself further by taking the time to look at and feel your legs when you shower or apply lotion, noting any discolorations or bumps that should be seen by a doctor. Spider and varicose veins could indicate an
  10. ALMOND OIL:Massage almond oil into your legs everyday after a shower as a natural moisturizer. Almond oil not only deeply moisturizes your skin, but can work to relieve pain and reduce the swelling of tired legs and feet.



Healthy Legs Tips