Selling Books

  • Selling a Hardcover Book :-Many authors and journalists leverage their blogs or websites to sell copies of hardcover books. Examples include Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell.While most of these people were already renowned authors before they created their website, one could also follow the other way around.

Lorelle VanFossen did exactly that with her Blogging Tips book. First she built her authority on the subject via her blog, and afterwards she published the book.List of self publishing and publishing services:

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10 Places to Selling Books Online

  1. This eBay site is one of the better known places to sell books online. You don’t have to pay any listing fees until your book sells. The buyer pays the shipping and your list price. makes sure you get the money, direct depositing funds into your checking account twice each month.
  2. Amazon- After registering for an Amazon seller account, you can begin selling books in the Amazon marketplace. Your items will be displayed right along with all of the other products that Amazon sells. If you have a lot of inventory, you can get your own branded, custom online store. Any money that you make will be deposited (by Amazon) in your bank account.
  3. Facebook Marketplace – You can sell almost anything, including books, in the Facebook Marketplace. There is no charge for listing your books. Listings will stay posted for 30 days and can even be displayed on your regular Facebook page.
  4. Powell’s Books – Powell’s will buy your used books from you. Enter in the ISBN numbers of the books you want to sell. Powell’s will make an offer on the books. If you like it, you can ship your books to the Powell’s warehouse and collect your cash.
  5. CKY Books – CKY Books will also buy your books directly from you. Some of the books you can sell include textbooks, religious books, self-help books, travel books, and current fiction. CKY takes care of shipping costs and pays via check or PayPal.
  6. – This site specializes in fiction, non-fiction, and textbooks published after 2008. Enter in the ISBN of the book you want to sell and find out how much you will be paid for the books. Ship the books to for free and get paid via PayPal or check.
  7. Paperback Swap – Paperback Swap is designed for people who want to sell books and get more books as payment. All you have to do is list books that you are willing to swap. When people request your books, you send them out and get a credit that can be used to request books from other Paperback Swap users.
  8. Moola4Books – This site has paid out more than $13 million to private book sellers. You can ship your books to the site for free using FedEx and receive your payments via PayPal or check. Payments are usually made within one business day.
  9. Sell Back Your Book – Sell Back Your Book will not only buy your books, but will also pay any shipping fees associated with the transaction. This site also buys used books from libraries.
  10. BookScouter – You can’t sell books on BookScouter, but you can use the site’s comparison tool to see which book buyers will give you the best price on used books. BookScouter’s tool searches 40 different buyer sites and works especially well for people who are trying to sell textbooks.

Selling Books

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