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Tanushree Dutta Date of birth is 19th March 1984 in Jamshedpur, Bihar, India . Tanushree comes from a conservative Hindu Bengali family, and had her personality groomed according to strict social norms, resulting in her being shy and very introvert. Her dad's name is Tappan, who works for the Life Insurance Corporation of India.Tanushree Dutta was employed with Oracle Institute for 3 months in event management and market survey and report making, her assignments included ramp, print campaign, videos, & commercials. Tanushree Dutta also was stage artist, doing concerts in various parts of India as well as abroad (Dubai).This lack of confidence and shyness changed when Tanushree Dutta was enrolled in a boarding school in Pune where Tanushree Dutta would get a degree in Communications.

Tanushree took part in several local beauty beauty pageants in pune in 2003,Tanushree Dutta also appeared in music videos,stage shows, Bengali show on local TV, and Bangladeshi ad campaigns and several print and commercial assignments and finally went on to take part and win the title at the Miss India pageant in 2004 which was a turning point in her June 2004 Tanushree Dutta represented India amongst 133 countries at the Miss Universe pageant in Quito Equador in South America,Tanushree Dutta placed amongst the top ten participants at the finals.

Tanushree culminated her career with the film 'Rama the saviour' that released in November 2010 and went on a self imposed sabbatical for two and a half years.During this time Tanushree Dutta travelled extensively and pursued different and varied personal interests like spirituality,yoga and eastern mysticism as well as adventure sports and rediscovered and reinvented herself through this whole process.Tanushree Dutta was back in the limelight in the spring of 2013 with stunning appearances at several high profile media and red carpet events.

Tanushree Dutta Latest Photos

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