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Mallika Sherawat Date of birth is 24 October 1976, Rohtak, Haryana, India . ears a resemblance to actress Halle Berry.Has a degree in Philosophy from Miranda House, Delhi University.Some of her favorite films are Sholay (1975), Silsila (1981) and Masoom (1983).Is the first Indian woman to get an offer to pose nude for Playboy magazine and appear on the cover. Mallika turned down the offer in an attempt to avoid the risk of being blacklisted in the Indian film industry.The cost of the diamonds that Mallika wore at the Cannes Film Festival 2005 was Rs 45 million. They were sponsored by Orra Diamonds. Nine sets of jewelery were especially designed for Mallika, including diamond studded necklaces, bracelets and earrings.Changed her name from Reema Lamba to Mallika Sherawat when Mallika Sherawat did her first film, Khwahish (2003). Mallika Sherawat claims to have changed it because there were already too many actresses in the industry with similar names like Reema Sen, Raima Sen, and Rimii Sen.Mallika Sherawat accepted the Advisory Board membership of the Asian Academy of film and television supporting the film education in India.

Mallika Sherawat was first noticed in “Khwahish” in the year 2003, for appearing in a bold avatar, with minimal clothes and hot make-out scenes with her co-actor. In 2004, Mallika Sherawat continued to delve into sexual boldness on screen, as Mallika Sherawat played an unfaithful wife in “Murder”. Mallika Sherawat became a favorite girl with the Bhatt’s and the film raked huge profits at the box office that year. Mallika Sherawat had previously also worked in an array of commercials like Santro, BPL and so on with Bollywood biggies like Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. One can never miss Mallika Sherwat for the sheer confidence Mallika Sherawat oozes in her presence. Love her or hate her, Mallika Sherawat is full of charming dynamism.2005, was big for her as Mallika Sherawat starred opposite Jackie Chan in “The Myth”. This was her first international venture. Mallika Sherawat walked the red carpet at Cannes and Time Magazine declared her as the next big thing. 2005 was her lucky charm of a year.

Mallika Sherawat Latest Photos

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